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Winogradsky Columns!

For anyone who’s been following the Seagrass Microbiome Project you’ll know that we’ve had a long-running Winogradsky column side project running, courtesy of Jenna Morgan Lang who first had the idea to incorporate them into Seagrass Microbiome project and leverage … Continue reading

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Visualizing Microbiome Data: Choropleth Style

Recently I’ve needed to visualize spatial changes in my microbiome data that are easily interpretable by other people. The best solution I’ve come across is simply projecting the data onto a drawing of my organism. Like this: I’ve used SitePainter … Continue reading

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Musings from the Davis Undergraduate Research Conference

Last week, I finally experienced the dreaded Poster Presentation. After months of lab work and many frustrating hours tearing my hair out in front of a computer, I faced the most important part of this insane process we call science: sharing my results with … Continue reading

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“A leaf is not a petri dish” (a lesson from Steven Lindow)

Earlier this quarter I had the fortune to attend a guest lecture by Steven Lindow of UC Berkeley. Lindow is a renowned expert in plant-microbiology who has worked on some pretty cool projects over the years (he was one of … Continue reading

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JContextExplorer 2.0

So about a month ago, Phillip Seitzer, a member of the Facciotti Lab (just next-door to the Eisen Lab) was taking aside undergraduates to test drive his newest piece of software. I ended up being one of those undergraduates and … Continue reading

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Well, time to get this show on the road! Hello, I’m Hannah. I’m a fourth year undergraduate studying Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and History (for fun!) at the University of California, Davis. I’m currently working in the Eisen lab so you can … Continue reading

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